Open Source HELD: LIS and Client

The goal of this project is to provide reference implementations for the HELD protocol.

HELD Client

This sub-project aims to provide a HELD Client that handles LIS discovery (DHCP, U-NAPTR). The HELD Client centralizes all communications with the LIS and caches location information. An IPC interface is provided for the use of other applications.

The HELD Client is a pure .Net framework 2.0 application. .Net can be downloaded from Microsoft here. The HELD Client installer will automatically download .Net if you don't have it installed already.

The HELD Client uses the Google Maps API to display a map. This uses a page hosted on this site so that the Maps API receives a correct referrer header. If you plan to use this software for any other purpose, then we ask that you host this file and you acquire your own Maps API key.

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This sub-project concentrates on providing a Location Information Server (LIS) implementation. This implementation is aimed at demonstrating a large subset of the HELD protocol. The LIS relies on a location generation component that provides support for a small subset of network types.

The PHP LIS provides a web-based interface for entering location information. It currently provides a location generator for Ethernet networks that uses SNMP bridge MIBs and either DHCP lease files (such as those generated by ISC DHCP) or local ARP tables (only suitable for non-routed networks).

The LIS runs on any PHP-enabled web server with PostgreSQL. More specific instructions for it's deployment are included in the package.

PHP LIS Entry Screenshot PHP LIS Locations Screenshot PHP LIS Demo Screenshot


The Book

IP Location Book
IP Location

IP Location is published by McGraw-Hill. It provides details on the LIS and how the LIS enables location based applications for the Internet.

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